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aqc 1Founded in 2010, it serves as a nine-year and secondary school and adopts the plans and the curricula of public schools.

  • Girls College;

  • Full-time forenoon system as well as dormitory;

  • Applies the requirements of Civil Code and Ethics of good behavior;

  • Continuous cooperation with the parents;

  • Aims at laying the foundations for a University in the near future;

The Building of the College lies next to the Complex "Don Bosko", Street "Eshref Frashëri", in front of "Vision Plus", Tirana.

Albanian Qatar Centre offers:kolegji 1

  • Comfortable, up-to-date and functional milieus serving as mush as possible the educational process;

  • Experienced pedagogical stuff and maximal zeal;

  • High standards wherein every student can adopt herself according to her abilities;

  • Clear vision and integrating objectives;

  • Computer laboratory;

  • Two-foreign-language system since the 6th class.

  • Experienced psychologist in order to solve students' problems;

  • Not more than 15 students per class;

  • Scholarships for the best students.

As far as the dormitory students are concerned, the College offers:kolegji 2

  • Convenient conditions;

  • Daily schedules;

  • Controlled food;

  • Studying under the attendance of the supervisor;

  • Cleanliness;

  • Quietness and security;

Who can register in the "Albanian Qatar College"?

All girls who have reached the median over seven, and want to proceed their studies in the classes 6-9 for the nine-year school and the classes 10-11 for the secondary school.

Documents needed in order to be registered:

1-    school certificate of the previous class;

2-    birth certificate with a photo of the student;

3-    two photos of the student;

4-    written requirement of the student and/or parent;

5-    medical health certificate which testifies the abilities of the student that he is able to proceed the studies;

You are welcome!kolegji 3



Next to the Complex "Don Bosko", Street "Eshref Frashëri", in front of "Vision Plus", Tirana.

Tel: 04 240 4000;

Mobile: 0672104000;

Website: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




Albanian Qatar Center

Rr. Durresit, Sheshi "Karl Topia" Pall. 127, Kati II Tel: +355 42 404 000 Fax: +355 42 403 742 Mob: +355 69 20 86 867 Email: info@aqc.al P.O.Box 1723, Tirana - Albania